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The Edmonton Examiner: Better Bitters

The Edmonton Examiner wrote interviewed Douglas about cocktail bitters

I’m happy to be sharing the first bit of media attention State Motto has received! I did an interview with Trent Wilkie of the Edmonton Examiner. Beyond the quote below, I go on to mention mentions some of the history of cocktail bitters, the most common questions I have on the consumption and production of such spirits, and even my plans for things to come.

Better Bitters

Stewart, who got into the distilled spirit after buying a bottle to support a friend’s Kickstarter campaign, has now delved into the drink himself. His fondness for seeing the originally-labelled bottle on his drink shelves has led him to create his own.

“Thinking about how nice it could be to be able to make something that could sit in the homes of my friends and family for years to come, and similarly give them warm feelings,” Stewart said. “I started digging into the history of bitters and settled on lilac as a scent to preserve for years.”

After selling out his entire stock in an hour, Stewart decided to try his hand at bitters again. For clarity sake, bitters is: liquor that is flavored with the sharp, pungent taste of plant extracts and is used as an additive in cocktails or as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion.

Read the entire article, Better Bitters, at the Edmonton Examiner.

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