A New Year, A New Cocktail Bitters Label Design

State Motto label featuring the guide/scout three-finger salute

State Motto’s New Label Design

Now that State Motto cocktail bitters are expanding into new flavors, it’s time to care more about our appearance. It was clear that our bottles could be improved to do better against some of the “big guys” who also make bitters, and wanted to highlight the three aspects of the State Motto Promise:

  1. No artificial flavors. We’re proud of our ingredients and happy to list them on every bottle.
  2. Organic ingredients whenever possible. We’re proud to never cut corner to save a dime.
  3. Supplies and ingredients sourced as locally as possible. This helps preserve local businesses, and also builds out the network of partners whom we can trust. This is vital.

We don’t run our own distillery or have a hundred and fifty years of marketing behind us, so for now improving our appearance means friendly labels and continuing to promise to do our best by you. Laura Lynn Johnston has given State Motto labels a great new look, featuring the well-known three-finger salute by Guides and Scouts as a re-iteration of our pledge above. The salute is quite interesting! Feel free to ask us to share it with you in person.

The three-finger salute is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world when greeting other Scouts and in respect of a national flag at ceremonies. In most situations, the salute is made with the right hand, palm face out, the thumb holding down the little finger, and with the fingertips on the brow of the head or at shoulder height.

We’re proud of these new labels, and excited to soon share some more branding and design news!