Wormwood and Bitter Orange cocktail bitters

The return of State Motto Earl Grey, and the debut of State Motto Wormwood and State Motto Bitter Orange bitters

The Return of Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters!

The return of State Motto Earl Grey, and the debut of State Motto Wormwood and State Motto Bitter Orange bittersToday we’re incredibly happy to announce the return to availability of the State Motto Earl Grey bitters, but that it has also returned with two new friends, Wormwood cocktail bitters, and Bitter Orange cocktail bitters.

The Debut of Wormwood and Bitter Orange Cocktail Bitters

Our Wormwood bitters are inspired by a historical bitters style that appeared after the outlawing of absinthe. A few drops of wormwood bitters added to anise liqueurs will approximate absinthe, and can be quite soothing for upset stomachs. Our Bitter Orange cocktail bitters are possibly our most bitter recipe yet! Made to complete your Old Fashioned, and bitter enough to work in most drinks other drinks, Bitter Orange remains flavorful enough to also add something extra to your deserts. These work well also with chocolate recipes, and naturally with drinks using Gin, Vodka or White Rum. You can also find the new State Motto Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters, State Motto Wormwood Bitters, and State Motto Bitter Orange Bitters in person at habitat, etc on 104 Street in downtown Edmonton. We’re always looking for interesting shops to carry our creations, so if you are one (or know of one), get in touch!

Make your name their State Motto with State Motto cocktail bitters

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This site will help everyone keep up to date on bitters edition news, purchase and pre-order future rounds, food and drink recipes using State Motto, and find out more about this little joy-bringing project. The first batch was a mere five bottles and was sold out to friends in less than an hour. Future batches have had more pre-planning go into them, and will be announced here and elsewhere online as the time comes. Thank you to everyone who has helped State Motto cocktail bitters so far, more appropriate thanks are to come!

State Motto Cocktail Bitters Elsewhere

You can stay up to date on happenings first here through the website but also more interactively with the State Motto Twitter (@statemotto) and Instagram (@statemotto) accounts.