State Motto Cocktail Bitters

The Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair!

Royal Bison 2014 / November 28+29+30

When you last heard from me, I’d applied to be among the incredibly talented arts and craftspersons at the 17th bi-annual Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair. I have good news.

We’re going to the Royal Bison!

The Royal Bison is no regular craft show. It’s the place to be to show off your fine arts, crafts, and wares. I started State Motto lilac bitters in a single 250mL mason jar, and in the last few months have already grown to batches measuring in gallons. Being a part of Royal Bison will test not only my ability to produce enough in time for the event, but to see just how smoothly the process of ordering, payment, and delivery is running as well. I’m a little bit scared, but incredibly excited.

So please stop by November 28th, 29th, or 30th and say hello! I will happily tell you why you need more bitters in your life, and some of their less-traditional uses. There’s a lot more to bitters consumption than mere cocktail flavoring!

You can expect to see the very popular Earl Grey bitters available for sale as well as a special Royal Bison Edition of two new bitters varieties! The first is named Royal and is my first round of a citrus and floral bitter, and its companion, for darker drinks, is Bison, a juicy, dark, and spicy aromatic blend. Both will be available here online, but at discount only at the Royal Bison!

As you’ve come to expect, everything we’re planning and making will still be available here on the State Motto website, but if you don’t want to pay for shipping, or don’t wish to wait, you can come on down and get yours in person and at a nice little discount!

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