State Motto Cocktail Bitters

Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters

Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters

Earl Grey cocktail bitters are now available! After waiting for the best organic cornflowers to be found to arrive and more than a month in preparation, Mary, the State Motto Earl Grey bitters can now be purchased in 4oz bottles.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I appreciate your support. As usual, by following our aim of “No Artificial Flavors • Organic When Possible • As Local as Possible” we are able to bring you the best (mostly) organic earl grey flavourings possible.

I’ve already heard back from Earl Grey bitters customer #1, Paul that this works great in Manhattan cocktails and the Negroni, which is one of my favorite drinks.

This batch of cocktail bitters also marked the end of an era. From this point on the 4oz dropper bottle will be retired …and replaced with the 5oz woozy-capped bottle for no additional charge! This means you get 20% more State Motto cocktail bitters, and 20% more earl grey cocktail bitters in the future, at what are already low costs. The reason for this is that in my quest to continually find ways to get better product to you, I’ve found that larger bottles are somehow less expensive. Bonus!

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