Evoolution 104 Street location

 Evoolution on 104 Street. Photo via www.onlyhereforthefood.ca

Evoolution is Happening

That’s no typo, I’m happy to let you know about the latest location you can find our bitters in person, Evoolution!

Evoolution offers the freshest premium and infused olive oils from around the world, rare salts, and other local goods made with care. They exemplify quality, and until the new year their four locations are essentially the only place you can obtain our Wormwood and Bitter Orange Bitters. We’re sure you’ll love them.

Expanding into more shops, like Evoolution, helps us expand our reach to people who care about high-quality goods for their home and kitchen. This also helps us better predict demand for new flavors. The more feedback we get from customers, the better we can make our bitters for them, and the tastier our meal and drink recipes become!

Evoolution shops are beautiful spaces with a wide assortment of olive oils, balsamic vinegars and specialty salts, and we’re proud to be on their shelves with bitters! Stop by any of their four locations and you can sample all of their oils and vinegars by pouring it into a little taster cup and dipping in a piece of bread that they have all around in little glass jars. You can even put together a gift set of six 60 ml bottles of your own choosing, or buy regular sized bottles as well. The staff are friendly, the products they carry are excellent, and every thing they carry makes a great gift for the holidays or housewarmings.

State Motto Bitters at The Bamboo Stockroom, in Edmonton Canada

The Bamboo Stockroom, in Edmonton Canada

Welcome to our second stockist!

Been bold, been busy. This autumn has only just begun but preparations for winter are well under way. There will be more posts in short order but I’d like to announce that we have a second local stockist- Bamboo Stockroom carries State Motto cocktail bitters!

Located at 10552A 82 Ave in Edmonton AB, Bamboo Stockroom is a local purveyor of gifts, housewares, style, and now State Motto cocktail bitters. Much more to come, but I just had to share this fresh news.

Wormwood and Bitter Orange cocktail bitters

The return of State Motto Earl Grey, and the debut of State Motto Wormwood and State Motto Bitter Orange bitters

The Return of Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters!

The return of State Motto Earl Grey, and the debut of State Motto Wormwood and State Motto Bitter Orange bittersToday we’re incredibly happy to announce the return to availability of the State Motto Earl Grey bitters, but that it has also returned with two new friends, Wormwood cocktail bitters, and Bitter Orange cocktail bitters.

The Debut of Wormwood and Bitter Orange Cocktail Bitters

Our Wormwood bitters are inspired by a historical bitters style that appeared after the outlawing of absinthe. A few drops of wormwood bitters added to anise liqueurs will approximate absinthe, and can be quite soothing for upset stomachs. Our Bitter Orange cocktail bitters are possibly our most bitter recipe yet! Made to complete your Old Fashioned, and bitter enough to work in most drinks other drinks, Bitter Orange remains flavorful enough to also add something extra to your deserts. These work well also with chocolate recipes, and naturally with drinks using Gin, Vodka or White Rum. You can also find the new State Motto Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters, State Motto Wormwood Bitters, and State Motto Bitter Orange Bitters in person at habitat, etc on 104 Street in downtown Edmonton. We’re always looking for interesting shops to carry our creations, so if you are one (or know of one), get in touch!

A New Year, A New Cocktail Bitters Label Design

State Motto label featuring the guide/scout three-finger salute

State Motto’s New Label Design

Now that State Motto cocktail bitters are expanding into new flavors, it’s time to care more about our appearance. It was clear that our bottles could be improved to do better against some of the “big guys” who also make bitters, and wanted to highlight the three aspects of the State Motto Promise:

  1. No artificial flavors. We’re proud of our ingredients and happy to list them on every bottle.
  2. Organic ingredients whenever possible. We’re proud to never cut corner to save a dime.
  3. Supplies and ingredients sourced as locally as possible. This helps preserve local businesses, and also builds out the network of partners whom we can trust. This is vital.

We don’t run our own distillery or have a hundred and fifty years of marketing behind us, so for now improving our appearance means friendly labels and continuing to promise to do our best by you. Laura Lynn Johnston has given State Motto labels a great new look, featuring the well-known three-finger salute by Guides and Scouts as a re-iteration of our pledge above. The salute is quite interesting! Feel free to ask us to share it with you in person.

The three-finger salute is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world when greeting other Scouts and in respect of a national flag at ceremonies. In most situations, the salute is made with the right hand, palm face out, the thumb holding down the little finger, and with the fingertips on the brow of the head or at shoulder height.

We’re proud of these new labels, and excited to soon share some more branding and design news!

The Stab Ave, a State Motto cocktail created by Joshua Kupsch.

The Stab Ave, a State Motto cocktail created by Joshua Kupsch.

The fine folks at Studio Neat have put together an At-Home Cocktail Tool Guide,  showing you some of the necessities and nice-to-haves in a home-based bar setup. We’d be remiss to not also mention the State Motto Cocktail Recipes page, which contains some of the finest drink recipes submitted by friends and customers who are happily using our bitters. As time moves on we’ll update with the latest and best recipes, and maybe even add in a quick form to submit your favorites. In the meantime, let us know how you’re using your State Motto cocktail bitters!

Douglas Dollars of State Motto Bitters at the 2014 Winter Royal Bison. Photograph: Laura Lynn Johnston

Douglas Dollars of State Motto Bitters at the 2014 Winter Royal Bison. Photograph: Laura Lynn Johnston

What a wild few weeks it’s been. The trip to this winter’s Royal Bison was an amazing success. The CBC interviewed me, I saw thousands of familiar faces and talked with as many as I could, and by the end of the weekend nearly every bottle I made had sold! What few bottles remained went straight to our first stockist, habitat, etc. at 10187 104 Street in downtown Edmonton and also sold quickly.

You’ll be able to buy bottles in person from habitat, etc now on, no longer needing to wait for me to mail them out to you!

Mary, our Earl Grey bitters returns again soon. The incredible number of ingredients and supplies needed to make a new batch of bitters always requires a lot of planning (and waiting on UPS), but this will be the largest yet at just over 1000 bottles. Once that batch is infusing, it’s time to get to work on the next two varieties for spring, and I think you’ll like them a lot. What a wild few weeks it will be.

The Edmonton Examiner: Better Bitters

The Edmonton Examiner wrote interviewed Douglas about cocktail bitters

I’m happy to be sharing the first bit of media attention State Motto has received! I did an interview with Trent Wilkie of the Edmonton Examiner. Beyond the quote below, I go on to mention mentions some of the history of cocktail bitters, the most common questions I have on the consumption and production of such spirits, and even my plans for things to come.

Better Bitters

Stewart, who got into the distilled spirit after buying a bottle to support a friend’s Kickstarter campaign, has now delved into the drink himself. His fondness for seeing the originally-labelled bottle on his drink shelves has led him to create his own.

“Thinking about how nice it could be to be able to make something that could sit in the homes of my friends and family for years to come, and similarly give them warm feelings,” Stewart said. “I started digging into the history of bitters and settled on lilac as a scent to preserve for years.”

After selling out his entire stock in an hour, Stewart decided to try his hand at bitters again. For clarity sake, bitters is: liquor that is flavored with the sharp, pungent taste of plant extracts and is used as an additive in cocktails or as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion.

Read the entire article, Better Bitters, at the Edmonton Examiner.

Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters

Earl Grey Cocktail Bitters

Earl Grey cocktail bitters are now available! After waiting for the best organic cornflowers to be found to arrive and more than a month in preparation, Mary, the State Motto Earl Grey bitters can now be purchased in 4oz bottles.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I appreciate your support. As usual, by following our aim of “No Artificial Flavors • Organic When Possible • As Local as Possible” we are able to bring you the best (mostly) organic earl grey flavourings possible.

I’ve already heard back from Earl Grey bitters customer #1, Paul that this works great in Manhattan cocktails and the Negroni, which is one of my favorite drinks.

This batch of cocktail bitters also marked the end of an era. From this point on the 4oz dropper bottle will be retired …and replaced with the 5oz woozy-capped bottle for no additional charge! This means you get 20% more State Motto cocktail bitters, and 20% more earl grey cocktail bitters in the future, at what are already low costs. The reason for this is that in my quest to continually find ways to get better product to you, I’ve found that larger bottles are somehow less expensive. Bonus!

The Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair!

Royal Bison 2014 / November 28+29+30

When you last heard from me, I’d applied to be among the incredibly talented arts and craftspersons at the 17th bi-annual Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair. I have good news.

We’re going to the Royal Bison!

The Royal Bison is no regular craft show. It’s the place to be to show off your fine arts, crafts, and wares. I started State Motto lilac bitters in a single 250mL mason jar, and in the last few months have already grown to batches measuring in gallons. Being a part of Royal Bison will test not only my ability to produce enough in time for the event, but to see just how smoothly the process of ordering, payment, and delivery is running as well. I’m a little bit scared, but incredibly excited.

So please stop by November 28th, 29th, or 30th and say hello! I will happily tell you why you need more bitters in your life, and some of their less-traditional uses. There’s a lot more to bitters consumption than mere cocktail flavoring!

You can expect to see the very popular Earl Grey bitters available for sale as well as a special Royal Bison Edition of two new bitters varieties! The first is named Royal and is my first round of a citrus and floral bitter, and its companion, for darker drinks, is Bison, a juicy, dark, and spicy aromatic blend. Both will be available here online, but at discount only at the Royal Bison!

As you’ve come to expect, everything we’re planning and making will still be available here on the State Motto website, but if you don’t want to pay for shipping, or don’t wish to wait, you can come on down and get yours in person and at a nice little discount!

See you at the Royal Bison?

Royal Bison 2014 / November 28+29+30

We’ve taken a very big step and applied to be among the incredibly talented arts and craftspersons at the 17th bi-annual Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair.

What is The Royal Bison?

For the uninitiated, The Royal Bison is no regular craft show. Running twice a year at 8426 Gateway Blvd, it’s the place where we secretly pick up all the cards and presents we give to people throughout the year. (Please don’t tell!) Beyond being my secret gift hook-up, and more importantly, The Royal Bison is a welcoming and very busy local art and craft fair for local Edmontonian independent maker-types, which is how we fancy ourselves! This year a special prairie-wide edition is also happening, in December, which I’m sure will bring a lot of new favorite creative folk onto our radar.

State Motto started by making lilac bitters in a single 250mL mason jar, grew through gallon jars, and is now looking into options to hold more than 30L of ingredients all thanks to your interest. Being able to attend this craft show would be a pretty fancy feather in our cap and also spread some cocktail bitters knowledge to a wider array of Edmonton-area folk.

What if it happens? What if it doesn’t?

If accepted, you can expect to see our very popular Earl Grey bitters available for sale as well as a special Royal Bison Edition of two new bitters varieties, available at a discount only at the Royal Bison! If we don’t make it in to this edition of the fair, or we don’t sell out while there, everything we’re planning and making will still be available here on the State Motto website as you’ve come to expect. We just won’t be able to give you a handshake and a very heartfelt thank you in person, and I have a feeling that‘s going to be one of the best parts.