State Motto Cocktail Bitters

What is State Motto?

Sit back, it’s story time

State Motto Bitters wordform

State Motto brings together local ingredients and skillfully combines them into craft cocktail bitters, which can be used to enhance the flavor and quality of your fine drinks or serve as special ingredient in your summer sodas and salads. State Motto has one person taking care of things right now (me, Doug!) I’ve had a lot of input and help from friends, which I will never be able to appropriately pay back, and I’m doing all right. I get to keep making new batches of bitters, which people far and wide seem to enjoy quite a bit, and I appreciate every moment of it. That’s the story so far. Thank you for spending this time with me.

Our Promise

No Artificial Flavors • Organic When Possible • As Local as Possible