See you at the Royal Bison?

Royal Bison 2014 / November 28+29+30

We’ve taken a very big step and applied to be among the incredibly talented arts and craftspersons at the 17th bi-annual Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair.

What is The Royal Bison?

For the uninitiated, The Royal Bison is no regular craft show. Running twice a year at 8426 Gateway Blvd, it’s the place where we secretly pick up all the cards and presents we give to people throughout the year. (Please don’t tell!) Beyond being my secret gift hook-up, and more importantly, The Royal Bison is a welcoming and very busy local art and craft fair for local Edmontonian independent maker-types, which is how we fancy ourselves! This year a special prairie-wide edition is also happening, in December, which I’m sure will bring a lot of new favorite creative folk onto our radar.

State Motto started by making lilac bitters in a single 250mL mason jar, grew through gallon jars, and is now looking into options to hold more than 30L of ingredients all thanks to your interest. Being able to attend this craft show would be a pretty fancy feather in our cap and also spread some cocktail bitters knowledge to a wider array of Edmonton-area folk.

What if it happens? What if it doesn’t?

If accepted, you can expect to see our very popular Earl Grey bitters available for sale as well as a special Royal Bison Edition of two new bitters varieties, available at a discount only at the Royal Bison! If we don’t make it in to this edition of the fair, or we don’t sell out while there, everything we’re planning and making will still be available here on the State Motto website as you’ve come to expect. We just won’t be able to give you a handshake and a very heartfelt thank you in person, and I have a feeling that‘s going to be one of the best parts.